The Whole30 Diet Guide- Whole 30 Rules, Recipes, Tips and Hacks

The Whole30 Diet Guide- Whole 30 Rules, Recipes, Tips and Hacks

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It seems like everyone is talking about the Whole30 this time of year- maybe your friends have done it or you’ve heard about it on the news. Well, if you’re curious, here’s a guide to how to get started with advice from Melissa Hartwig, the founder of Whole30 herself!

Melissa reviews the Whole30 rules and guidelines as well as the reasoning behind the nutritional plan, which is modeled after a typical elimination diet. By removing foods like dairy, grains, and legumes, for 30 days, you get to see how your body reacts when re-introducing those foods, to learn what your body does well with and what you may want to steer clear of moving forward.

Melissa also shares her advice for staying on plan, with practical tips like meal planning and taking advantage of the numerous Whole30-approved packaged foods available at Thrive Market. These foods make it super easy to stay on plan- especially if you get home late and just want to make something quick and Whole30-compliant. She also discusses the importance of sourcing your food well and how to find the best products for your Whole 30. Interspersed with Melissa’s tips are 15 Whole 30-compliant recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including Instant Pot sous vide egg bites, shakshuka, pad thai salad, slow cooker chili, chicken adobo and pulled pork.

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  1. I like the whole30 but $6-$10 (plus shipping) for 8-12oz of salad dressing or bbq sauce is a little pricey and grass fed, non GMOs, no hormones per pound, good grief! The $$ I spent on my first 30 days just about knocked my socks off and took me way over my grocery budget for the month.

  2. Where do you get recipes are they in your book, i have two whole thirty books. I need something a little slower. What is the difference between whole thirty and keto.

  3. Anybody do Whole30 in conjunction with Weight Watchers Freestyle?

  4. Excited to find this video! It is super challenging to "one stop shop" for Whole30. Excited to try @thrive

  5. I am doing my 4th Whole30 , on Jan. 4 2019 , My husband will join me for the 2nd time, I am going to do it this time for 90 days .

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