This Simple Trick will help you lose 3 kg weight in 7 days – No Dieting

This Simple Trick will help you lose 3 kg weight in 7 days – No Dieting

Do you want fast weight loss results? Are you willing to spend Rs 5 on a daily basis to achieve your goal?
Well, you need not do any rigorous activity nor do you need to survive on fad diets.
Just add this one food to your diet and it will do wonders for you.

You may lose 3 Kg in 7 days, 5 Kg in 7 days or just 1 Kg in 7 days. How much weight a person will lose after consuming this is a subjective matter. It depends on various factors like how much water your body is holding, your metabolic rate etc.

But one thing is sure that this powerful broth based vegetable soup will detox your body and make it shed it’s extra kilos.

For working professionals, who struggle to stay on a low calorie diet, this one addition will serve as a boon.
The best thing about it is that you need not change your diet altogether. You just need to add it along with your regular meal plan. It will play it’s part.

Moreover, all the ingredients used in this recipe are very cheap and are easily available in the Indian markets.

Find out your own maintenance calories:

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    Honestly long nails are unhygienic!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Pls do not use aluminium utensils . Replace it with mud ware. Also do not use plastic cutting board , you can see the the pieces lost in your cutting board

  14. Hi vivek….. Saw this video yesterday…. And made it to have for dinner…. Guess what!!! It's was not only filling…. A meal by itself but for me it was yummy as weight loss diet had done thing for me…. Made me love veg more and more.

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