Tips for Healthy Balanced Diet

Tips for Healthy Balanced Diet

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This is a video which talks about what contributes to a healthy balanced diet. A balanced diet provides you with all the nutrients needed to support growth, energy and health. The two keys to a healthy balanced diet are: eating the right amounts of food for how active you are and eating a range of fruits.
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  3. Avoid Basundi and Shrikhand foods I have never heard off

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  6. Clarified butter (Ghee) has 4% trans fats in it. How is that healthy?

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  13. Humm why should we avoid fats? Isn't it vital to life? Also why is cereal a staple? Some would argue its not us consuming to much fat but over consuming wheat like products.

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  20. dairy products are harmful and was information into the food pyramid to promote dairy sale and have alot of side effects you could researh on the internet these people who are teaching about dairy as a part of a healthy diet are either illiterate or are too smart and get paid to promote

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