Tips to Get Rid of Diabetes By Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Rao | Veeramachaneni Diet Plan | NTV

Tips to Get Rid of Diabetes By Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Rao | Veeramachaneni Diet Plan | NTV

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Tips to Get Rid of Diabetes By Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Rao .Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Rao Exclusive LIVE About How To Relieve Obesity and Natural ways to Get Rid of Obesity and Diabetics. Veeramachaneni Suggests Diet Plan For Reducing Diabetics In This Video on Part 01 On NTV Telugu.

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  1. ప్రధమంగా ఆహారమే ఔషదం కావాలి, కేవలం అత్యవసర పరిస్థితుల్లో మాత్రమే మందులు వాడాలి, జీవితాంతం మందులు మింగడానికి మనిషి జన్మించ లేదు, ఆహారం తని జివించాలి గానీ మందులు తిని కాదు.

  2. I lost 12 Kg s weight in 20 Day's with VRK Diet

  3. Good Explained Santha Biotech Sir, About Pharmaceutical Companies Scams

  4. Good Explanation VRK sir, But Anchor No Knowledge about Natural Food

  5. Great discovery in the medical history hats off to you vrk Garu

  6. Media is showing big Boss shows those shows are not useful but media shows several times . Why media is not taking some people and conducting like Vera machineni houses… for some days….VRK is doing well and his diet plan normal planning food process

  7. Ammaaa…..rojuki 500 ml?????!!!!

  8. Sir I talk a men (9949894841)he told Iam not satisfied this diet. He continue tables last 1year. Please clarify

  9. I am Physician giving my point of view re: where the difficulty is in diabetic control. My observation is that there is big change for the worse in terms of life style. Everyone in the house hold should adopt active life style. Avoid watching too much TV. Avoid store bought snacks. Cut down on oil in foods. try to cut down on fried vegetables. Increase fiber containing vegetables like green leafy vegetables. Cut down on the quantity of rice, breads, sweets etc. It is good to enroll in gym as whole family and use it on a regular basis. Whole grains like pesalu , senagalu, ulavalu are good with lot of fiber, minerals,vitamins etc. vegetables with gravy needs less oil. If the family wants to enjoy snacks, better to discuss and choose less oil snacks.Good make your own snacks. It saves money, gives you lot of satisfaction. Adopting to these points will change the lifestyle for the better. While observing all these and periodic health checks and seek medical care as needed are useful. Doctors and medications are necessary some times but following healthy lifestyle will cut down on the need for unnecessary dedications,workup to find out abnormalities in the body. Going for medications quickly can put the person in trouble because of unnecessary side effects and additional unnecessary spending. By following the above method many conditions like BP, Arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol problems etc can get better automatically.

  10. Love you sir. you are much need to the society!!!!

  11. Low sugar vallu e diet cheyocha sir

  12. What is the diet for type 1

  13. Vrk garu me video Hindi, English lo kuda translate chesi upload chestay effective. Me video andhra varikay telusthundhi

  14. until greedy attitude on food of people has gone, diabetic will not go away…..these diets are short term courses, and crash courses, food must be changed, balanced diet is the only solution, crash courses may let the body into malnutrition.

  15. Tq.very much vrk sir, and varaprasadreddy garu. Anchor also doing good job.tq

  16. VRK we suggest you to please take care sir

    The world needs you

    Please increase your security sir

    Pharmaceutical companies are very dangerous

    They are Mafias

    We need you sir

  17. hats off Ramakrishna garu

  18. Super super RK ghariki tq

  19. Vara prasad reddy gaaru being pharmaceutical industrialist you are speaking truth and supporting vendor gaaru hats off to you

  20. How to contact vrk sir(any email etc)

  21. veeramachinenigaru sugare kakunda inko pedda samasya dick problems dayachesi deeniki kuda parishkaram chupandi plssir sir

  22. Thanks vrk garu. 13 kgs weight loss

  23. మీరు సూపర్ సార్

  24. ఇజము తెలిసిన వాడు
    నిజము చెప్పని నాడు
    ప్రజకు జరుగును కీడు

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