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  1. They have nice muscles bc they’re short so the have shorter muscle fibers

  2. Ugly caveman fuck lol

  3. This kids got bigger legs then Melissa McCarthy 😂

  4. If Uzoma 5’7” that kid is 4’10-4’11” As im writing this comment he must be 5ft

  5. you're superb bodybuilder. but you kinda suck at freestyle brother 😂😂

  6. 5:58 you can see a 🙂 xD!

  7. Is that car a 97' Camry?

  8. Lol I’m 15 and I wouldn’t be able to take that midget seriously even though he’s 16 I feel like I would treat him like a 8 year old

  9. Two pussboi doing crossfit.

  10. wtf you aren't supposed to extend your legs fully to protect you're knee's, in the future they gon feel those joints rumble.

  11. He's short but still looks better than most of yall

  12. Leroy Sané is that you ?

  13. That lady at 5:46 has more gains then Tristyn

  14. finally he turned 16 lol he was 15 for like 3 years 😂😂

  15. Uzoma only worked out with this Kid so he can feel tall

  16. Someone, please stop feeding the kids steroids.

  17. No no never lock you legs in leg press

  18. It’s fucking hot in there lmao turn the ac on 😂

  19. I have heard you speak in many videos, why are you sounding so stupid?

  20. I didn’t know steroids could talk

  21. This gay ass guys are on steroids

  22. Tristyn Lee is no joke, mad potential.

  23. Manlet crew checking in

  24. this kid focuses more on showing off his muscle more than doing the actual workout

  25. How old moust you be then you can go on a gym

  26. Bruh your putting ur self look big but ur not ur fat a bit and u don’t got no leg muscle what is you doing my dude 🤣

  27. Only 16 and already on roids lmao.

  28. omggg why were they locking there knees

  29. Workout when u stopped growing

  30. Definition of cut right here

  31. That steroid use is receding your Afro my guy.

  32. What's ur height brotha

  33. The midget should probably start doing chest days 😂

  34. The kid is so not strong damn there at so many 16 year olds like myself who have a better body

  35. Just a tip DO NOT LOCK YOUR KNEES there are so many injuries just by locking your legs

  36. This kid wont grow anymore 😁

  37. His height is already stunned lol

  38. That Asian guy is underdeveloped, like puberty didn't come through completely…

  39. I got anxiety when I saw him lock out his knees on the press LOL

  40. It’s sad that 15yr olds are taking steroids

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