Try THIS If You're Tired of Boring Oatmeal in 2019 | HONEYSUCKLE

Try THIS If You're Tired of Boring Oatmeal in 2019 | HONEYSUCKLE

Happy New Year BuzyBeez! Try these filling and healthy breakfast ideas to reach your resolutions, lose weight, and get healthy!
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Savory Oatmeal has been a revelation. Try these 4 ideas to lose weight and reach your goals!

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  1. Who's ready for 2019! Comment if you're ready to more than accomplish your goals! xoxo

  2. Hi I'm just wondering what brand of pan you are using and what material it is made of?

  3. My grandma made me savory oatmeal once and I will never forget how disgusting it was. It was the only thing I've ever refused to eat as a child.

  4. ''Kind of porridgy''… lol lol lol It IS porridge!! I usually cook mine with semi skimmed milk (gets the cremosity without too much fat). It is very noticeable in the taste.
    For losing weight I'd go for a poached or soft boiled egg, though.
    How can the second one be a spin on huevos rancheros without huevos? Shouldn't it at t least have the main ingredient?
    I'm definitely be trying soon the third one which looks really interesting 🙂

  5. I've always wanted to try change my food to a healthier way by eating oatmeal. But I'm no sweet tooth. And I feel weird eating meal that is sweet. This video just blown me! Imma gonna try it asap! Thank you

  6. How it can be vegan if you put milk in your oat at start? 🤔

  7. Love your videos ❤️ can I grind the oats down a bit?

  8. Lovely bowls, where did you get them?

  9. OK what is avocado hand? 👀😳

  10. These would be wonderful for work lunches 😋

  11. Husband and I eat oatmeal 4-5 mornings/week. Two of our favorites are spanakopita inspired (chopped spinach, feta, and garlic), and pizza (chopped tomatoes, spinach, pesto, and mozzarella). I really want to try your miso one now.

  12. Thanks for the insperation. I love in soy sauce cured eggs, so I´ll try those on top.

  13. If cooked and chewed properly can you eat oatmeal 3 times a day everyday? I mean if you can stand eating the same thing everyday

  14. Amazingly creative recipes, and I love your kitchen! Where did you get those shelves behind you?

  15. Wow. As i always love ur recipes. And never knew we can do this way . Thanks alot sweetie.

  16. Oats with Vegas n meatish stuffs??? That’s new 😳😳

  17. I cook like Thai food. Chicken ,green onion. Good for stomach pain.

  18. Savoury oatmeal is something I never thought of. I suppose it's like eating rissoto but it's oats. Will try. Thanks!

  19. This is amazing cooking! I love it! Thank you so much!

  20. OMG! The second one is the best! Proteins, fiber and flavor 👍

  21. Huevos rancheros. Without eggs. Sigh.

  22. Great, testy oatmil, without adding anything sweet in, thanks 😊

  23. Just replace Oats with Barley

    What is this abuse by NonVegetarianism ?

  24. Try kimchi oat porridge with a little bit of ground pork and soy sauce. Soooo good. That's how I always eat my oat instead of oat and milk.

  25. Wow, really unnecessary body shaming! You can promote healthy eating and recipes without telling people their bodies should look a certain way and their clothing should fit a certain way. Just some ideas to promote positivity 🙂

  26. hi.. im just curious… can i eat oat meal for my bfast, lunch and dinner? thanks in advance

  27. Love your savoury oat bowls!!

  28. How long the oat can stay? Can i make it in the morning to eat for lunch?

  29. I was never a fan of oatmeal, but I just tried the miso one with raw carrots and cucumber, it’s amazing!!! Thank you for introducing me to this new world!!!🤤🤤🤤

  30. I. Dan no offense but I feel that this is the stoner food mix that will get me an upset stomach

  31. Huevos rancheros with out the egg? 🤔

  32. I literally have 5 min to prepare my breakfast in the morning this is brilliant! but it takes too much time!

  33. You should not eat oatmeal in the first place . All grains are converted to sugar when ingested . It drives your insulin sky high . Have bacon and eggs instead .

  34. Yuck eating sweet porridge with egg …..disgusting🤢

  35. I got so tired of oatmeal that I began to put Nutella in them

  36. I would like to try these recipes out, I’ve been eating oatmeal for about 8 months only during the work week, and on occasions I’ll add some nuts or berries, so I’ll try these out just for a change of taste

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