Try This Oats Roti To Lose Weight – Oatmeal Flatbread -Oats Recipes For Weight Loss – Skinny Recipes

Try This Oats Roti To Lose Weight – Oatmeal Flatbread -Oats Recipes For Weight Loss – Skinny Recipes

sharing a weight loss recipe which has only oats, gluten free weight loss oats roti recipe without wheat flour, oatmeal flatbread for breakfast, lunch, dinner. diet plan to lose weight fast, skinny recipes for weight loss #oatmeal #oatsroti #weightloss
1 cup oat flour
1/2 cup hot boiling water
1/3 tsp pink himalayan salt
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  1. Hi it is important to use rolled oats or normal oats is fine?

  2. My oats roti came out hard like papad…Why ??

  3. Dear nisa homey I would like to knw difference between oats and rolled oats. I do have oats at home. And when we make oats they r like khichdi with lots veggies like beans, capsicum and carrots.
    I saw ur upma with oats but they were like poha or puff rice.. which I liked it do share on my gmail.
    Pls let me knw the ratio of water with oats.

  4. all yr videos r excellent and resolving stomach issues

  5. for ragi chappathi shall v use oats powder for pressing chapati. dry ragi powder doesn't suit stomach

  6. I use it to make wrap… Thanks!

  7. Hi can i add flaxseed to eat

  8. Hi tried this today but mam the atta was badly sticking while kneading so i added little wheat flour n tsp oil then it became ok but the oats roti became very hard while frying. Can i know what went wrong? Thanks

  9. I tried this today .
    I loved it and I decided to have this every night..
    Tq mam 😊😊

  10. Mam your recepies are more helpful thank u, please try samosa baked , without using maidha

  11. Making the oat flour was very easy. I did it in a blender in small batches. Thank you.

  12. Thanks for YouTube video you are s blessing.

  13. Oats roti is so good thankyou

  14. Excellent mam thank u very much

  15. Can we use any oats like qwakers oats

  16. Can hypothyroidism people have oats and what kind of millets hypothyroidism people can have

  17. Hi mam.. there are more controversy about oats is not good for health and it's increasing blood sugar level.. can I ve ur opinion and steel cut or rolled oats which is good..

  18. Your oat dough looks very soft and plyable. Mine got really hard, impossible to work with. When I added more water it got sticker. At the end, I had to throw it away.

  19. can i use seasme seed nd flaxseed in it ???

  20. 5 small meals or 3 main dishes?

  21. Nice recipe, definitely I will try this..thanq so much..

  22. may I use instant oats instead of rolled 1?

  23. Hi I absolutely love your recipes.
    How do you store oats roti in fridge?

  24. I tried oats receipt today and I found that while the outside is cooking v easily the inside is not. What is the mistake I am making ?

  25. mam highly recommended question by me mam pimple nahin ayeinge naaa yeh oats ki roti khaye baad

  26. Hi nisa! Thank you for the recipe. I watched the whole video and went through the comments. How many calories would you say one roti Has? Thanks!!!

  27. Do we need to roast rolled oats?

  28. I tried this and came out well.. thank u so much mam….

  29. Hiii! I just watched this vid now and I want to try cooking it. Can I use a regular pan/skillet in cooking the roti? Is there any other way I can cook it?

    I’m afraid we don’t have a chapati presser (?) or the iron kitchenware you’ve used in this video. Thank you so much and more recipes to come please 😊

  30. Hi roast or unroast before make a roti? Other roti no roast? you told it is highly recomonded to roast the oats other video make uppma.

  31. Can I make powder with rolled out oats

  32. I made this roti today and it turned out so well !!! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe .

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