Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna complete Diet plan.Easy Tips How To do This Diet.వీరమచానేని రామకృష్ణ డైట్

Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna complete Diet plan.Easy Tips How To do This Diet.వీరమచానేని రామకృష్ణ డైట్

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అరిటాకు veeramachineni diet program complete information.Many Doubts Of people who are about to follow veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Diet must watch This Video To Get Complete Clarity of your Doubts.Mrg nundi e diet Ela cheyalo Ela follow avalo Anni e video lo clear ga undi😊.Thank you For Watching! Subscribe To My Channel for more information on Food recipes of veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Diet.



  1. We can eat fruits are not if eat what is the qauntity

  2. Lemon soda lo mix chesukovocha

  3. Does anybody continued it for more days and lost your weight really?

  4. Madam naku pcod problem ki tablets vadutunnanu a tablets use chestu e diet cheyocha aa plz reply plz plz

  5. ma'am manam curry annam lo kalupukuni tinala

  6. How many days in diet?

  7. Multi vitamine tablets guarantee ga vadala mam

  8. Fat coconut oil tagutu Curry's ghee tho prepare chesukovacha cheppandi mam

  9. Pls share the video for the working people.

  10. Tablets vadamvalla em effect Leda madham

  11. madam can u explain liquid diet with coconut oil clearly

  12. Hi madam, can we eat dal and coconut (dry, normal).plz reply

  13. Sister plz naku koncham vivarinchi chpagalara i was very confused sister plz.,. bcoz i was 75now and i need to loose 25 bcoz my marriage was on may 1 plz i was having only two months sister plz.,.

  14. thyroid unna vallu e diet plan cheyocha

  15. Baga chepparu madam, male persons non veg 300 grms thisukovali kada, morning eggs, lunch 150 grms dinner 150 grm nonveg thisukovacha.

  16. Fruits thinavaccha ee diet lo

  17. ఉసిరి కాయ తీసుకోవచ్చా…?

  18. Nice Explanation madam.. will this diet helps for hair problems like thinning hair or hair falling? Thanks in advance

  19. Pregnancy with hypothyroid vunnavallu use cheyavacha madam

  20. Madam mito okasari matladachaa

  21. Mottam ennisarlu tinali. Today morning nenu start chesa.morning 2eggs omelet afternoon 2 boiled eggs tinna. Night malli eggs leda vegetable curry leda rendu tinocha

  22. solid diet lo solid items 2 times matrame tesukovala…lekapothe hungry ga unapudu ala tesukovacha…

  23. Hi Andi nenu vira machineni gari dite cheyali anukunttunnanu
    nenu 70kg s unnanu na eag 23y
    15kg thaggali anukunttunna please cheppandi ela cheyalo

  24. 61 years male agriculture candidate ki Mokalla noppulu taggadaniki mottam diet cheyala..? Leka em cheste saripotundi? Sugar, BP, drinking, pan ,BD emi alavatlu ledu. pls…answer me madam. Weight 60 below untadu.

  25. I have a thyroid when I shld take tablet when I am I. Diet

  26. But again she is Bani bread bread alone tiger vanie breadless kavacham

  27. Sir please Hindi language Me Ho

  28. Assalu carbohydrates lekundaa diet plan enti …

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