Vegan Dessert Recipes for the Holidays (Easy + Healthy!)

Vegan Dessert Recipes for the Holidays (Easy + Healthy!)

Here are 3 easy, healthy, and delicious vegan recipes that you can make for the holidays to share with your friends and family! Full recipes will be linked below 🙂
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  1. Your recipes looks so good!🥰💯

  2. Where is your sweatshirt from? I love it!

  3. I'm going to try the apple tart recipe. Which vegan ice cream to you use/prefer?

  4. LOVE your recipes!
    Can you make the pie crusts with regular flour too?
    Suggestion for a challenge: nougat or Turkish delight

  5. Thank you for the recipes,really🙏🏼

  6. Omg I’m starting to love you

  7. Nice! It's great that there are so many healthy alternatives to holiday/seasonal sweets. The pie and tart in particular look great!

  8. Okay, either I am an Idiot or I would have a video I would looooove to see! Have you ever done a 'Vegan Basics' Video? I am looking into vegan cooking and baking, but it is so hard to find substitutes for some of the things I can not digest anymore. (Like eggs, cream-cheese… cheese of any kind to be honest.) Or the things like the yeast, flaxseed-egg or stuff like that make my head spin. If you have done videos like this, what you concider essentials or basics of vegan cooking and baking, then I am just to dumb to find it. Or blind. If you have not it would be amazing if you could make one! Thank you so much and have a wonderful holiday season!

  9. So I don’t like coconut. What can I use to replace the coconut?

  10. Had my first Vegan Thanksgiving it was yummy. Thanks to you.

  11. I'm not vegan. Can I use a regular egg in the sweet potatoes pie bars?

  12. I made the pecan pie for Thanksgiving and it was so delicious!!! Thank you so much!!!

  13. thanks so much for these amazing recipes! I made the pecan pie and the crust for thanksgiving and they were absolutely AMAZING!!!!

  14. Are we supposed to make the pecan pie a night before and store in the refrigerator?

  15. Does anyone know if I could sub a Japanese sweet potato instead of a white sweet potato in the pecan pie? Shouldn’t the texture and volume be similar?

  16. Making the pecan pie now and OMG the filling is so delicious. Mine isn't getting as thick as yours though– do you have any recommendations to fix this?

  17. Can i replace sweet taytays with pumpmin puree?

  18. I’d be so interested to see you make a vegan banoffee pie

  19. Didn't you cut the sweet potato bar into 16, not 12? lol either way these all look so delicious! I'm going to give them a try!

  20. so excited to make the pecan pie for thanksgiving!

  21. Oh wow, sweet potato pie bars sound so easy and delicious. And a healthy pecan pie – I am definitely on board!

  22. Vegan eggnog? Or maybe a good tasting hot cocoa

  23. I made the sweet potato bars earlier this week, and they were amazing! Made the pecan pie tonight, and I am having trouble waiting until tomorrow to eat it! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Where did you get your vegan ice cream from or do you have a recipe???

  25. Where do I find the “link below” to view the recipes? I totally want to try these. Nothing I tap on leads me to a link. 😞 Happy Holidays to you and thanks for the recipes. 🤗

  26. Love the recipes…Tip for the Sweet Potato Bars: roast the sweet potatoes instead of chopping & steaming; it's less fussy, saves time & the flavour is more concentrated. 🙂

  27. They look so good! My family always makes different cookies for Christmas, I would love to see your take on healthy vegan Christmas cookies this year😍

  28. I can’t wait to make that pecan pie! Looks so good!

  29. I love that your personality is so organic

  30. Looks great! Not to be that guy, but you said twelve when you cut sixteen bars lol 🙂

  31. Oh my god!!!!!! This video is killing me! Caitlin, you are amazing

  32. Omg you blended w/o a lid! Living on the EDGE, Caitlin.

  33. All of theses desserts look amazing!! 💕💚❤️💝💚💕💚❤️💚

  34. Thank you for the recipes Caitlin, the sweets look gorgeous. I'd like to try a pecan pie, but Tapioca Flour or Arrowroot Powder are the products I can hardly find. Is there a chance, that a corn starch as a substitution would work?

  35. These look amazing! Can you make a vegan baked cheesecake? All the ones I can find are these freezer ones that are more like a frozen yogurt pie than anything!

  36. Those sweet potato pie bars are amazing! Definitely making those for me and my mother this Thanksgiving! 🌱🥰

  37. "Too too" they look amazing 💚. Can't wait to make them😋💚💜🧡💛♥️💙

  38. Please make Banana pudding!

  39. Loving autumn – loving these recipes 🍂 🤤

  40. WOW! These look amazing!! KILLING it with the holiday dessert recipes <3

  41. I brought one of your old pie recipes to a potluck and everyone loved it! I'll definitely be trying the caramel apple tart !!!

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