Vegan Recipes Breakfast ideas – Fab's Vegan Cooking – Healthy Food Diet

Vegan Recipes Breakfast ideas – Fab's Vegan Cooking – Healthy Food Diet

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Fab’s Vegan Cooking – Breakfast Healthy Diet Recipes
Breakfast is a very important meal as it sets you up for the day ahead.
With modern life’s rhythm, many people skip breakfast or they reduce it as a quick coffee and this is a very bad habit to break.
The importance of hydration: as you wake up in the morning, it’s very important to drink a good glass of water, orange / grapefruit juice to provide hydration to your body.
Eating lots of rich water content fruits contribute to hydrate your body from inside-out and also to provide all vitamines and nutrients that our body needs.
Cereal such as porridge oats are good slow releasing energy carbohydrates that will keep you going for the hours ahead.
Skipping breakfast cause people to have cravings while on the move, encouraging them to eat unhealthy fast foods on the go.
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  6. Just as a little tip, there are studies that show soya milk can mess with hormones. Almond milk is an equally cheap and really great alternative for soya or cows milk. Ever since I made the switch from soya to almond I've been happier and healthier, and even though I thought it was impossible, more energetic also.

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