Weight Loss Breakfast Recipe | Lose Weight | Priyanka George

Weight Loss Breakfast Recipe | Lose Weight | Priyanka George

Written Recipe – http://www.preciouskin.com/wordpress/2016/07/21/healthy-indian-breakfast-weight-loss-poha/

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DIY – Neem and Rosemary Hair Oil -THE BEST HAIR OIL to prevent Premature Greying | Priyanka George – https://youtu.be/L-ZhgMyCxms

This magical hair oil reduces hair- fall, dandruff , grey hair and even promotes super faster hair growth. For
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Honey for your hair – https://youtu.be/ibLS73iJ5nw

AloeVera / Rose water – https://youtu.be/MMBdrMEV92Y

Lakme Absolute Mousse – https://youtu.be/4rmqVfNozLc


  1. So much oil and sev is not good for weight loss baby this poha is not good for weight loss plzzz

  2. How poha is Good for weight loss I think this is made of rice ??

  3. overacting and your word are really irritating what's this baby baby😎😎😎😎

  4. Mam isme oil aur potato h to ye kaha se healthy hua plz explain me

  5. Wetloss m patato kon kahata h

  6. Itna jyada carb and fat.. n u call it fat loss recipe

  7. wtf potatoes help in weight gain not loss

  8. This poha will make us fat😟.. y so uh name for weight lost..
    Dont nake this poha for weight lost..it will make uh fatty

  9. Aunty…. Improve ur slutty language….

  10. you are so desperate bitch <3

  11. alo to weight ko gain krta hy

  12. Pohe waali itna kyu itra k baat kr rhi h normali baat nhi kr skti

  13. what is phoha. what is this called in English or urdu.

  14. kya ise weight lose me le sakte h

  15. so silly..alwayz baby baby baby..

  16. So much overacting 😋all time baby baby baby 😥yaq

  17. Why you trying to fake an accent with potatoes and babies…wats wrong with u

  18. Add sesame seeds…taste wl be awesome…if u wanna weight loss than add more vegetables nd garlic also but not potatoes

  19. I love to eat poha…hey guys really its too gud for maintain weight

  20. It will be for weight gain program… ……..,…..U hve just mistaken

  21. I hate when u sy babies…. r u mad or what ? What is this my super babies my babies… Lots of hate.

  22. Poha is not puffed rice
    It is known as beaten rice

  23. poha is not puffed rice…its flaked rice

  24. poha is not puffed rice…its flaked rice

  25. i am a hypothyroid and pcod patient,can i have this?

  26. i am a hypothyroid and pcod patient,can i have this?

  27. everyone is your baby ….😂
    l hate this word..😚

  28. Why do you call us babies?

  29. is the poha is good for a weight loss?

  30. r puffed rice low in calories???

  31. mam is it helps to lose weight

  32. My godddddddddddddddd dats simply d most yummmmiessssssssst poha in d whole worllllllldddddd baby dolllll Ummmmaaah Ummmmaaah Ummmmaaah to aunty who is such a fabulous coookkkkkkk Ma God 😍😍💞💞💞😘😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💕😘😘😍😍😍😘💕💕👍🏻👍🏻now m craving Fr poha baby doll I so wanna make them today or tom he he luv ya cutie doll Ummmmaaah n thanks Fr sharing ur Luvly recipe shall try with the healthier version 💕😍😍😍😘😘💞💞too

  33. wow I also love poha..it looks so yummy 😋

  34. Nice babes yummmmm so healthy too one of my fav too

  35. Something new which I have never seen….Thank you so much 😊😘

  36. Nice video….pls do video like dis baby

  37. yummy,will try this recipe,more recipes videos

  38. **sorry i meant poha wut is it*

  39. Wut is oha plzzzz i want to make itttt thankx looks sooo yummyyyy

  40. super yummy i love poha n yeah a big yes fr mre cooking vdeoz !!!!

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