What I Eat In A Day As A Model Pt 1 | Victoria Secret Show Meal Prep | Sanne Vloet

What I Eat In A Day As A Model Pt 1 | Victoria Secret Show Meal Prep | Sanne Vloet

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What I Eat In A Day As A Model | Victoria Secret Show Preparation | What I did to get ready for the show in Shanghai!

Hi guys!

Happy Wednesday and if you’re in New York City like me, HAPPY SNOWDAY! I’ve been asked often on social media, in life, and by friends about my diet and what I eat. Since so many of you asked for this I decided to make Part 1 of “What I Eat In A Day”, so I can share a little about what I did food wise to prepare for the Victoria’s Secret Show in Shanghai. I’ll be answering as many questions as possible in the comments below so don’t forget to subscribe and give it a thumbs up to let me know you enjoyed it!

Also, sorry for the confusing in the video about the ‘ Lineseed’ ofcourse this has to be ‘ FLAX SEEDS ‘ I add !

My second What I Eat In A Day video: https://youtu.be/Iw-Ryfmx4UM



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  1. While a lot of people says here that she eats healthy I see farmed raised salmon in this video, which is not healthy at all. This is not a negative comment It’s just a tip. I’m always buy wild caught seafood and use cast iron pans instead of nonstick

  2. 70% are trashing the haters that s say she's not eating enough
    5% are the 'haters'
    25% are a saying the same /similar to what I'm saying

  3. Omg this all looks so goooooood

  4. You are amazing 👏🏻🥰

  5. Am i the online wondering if floss is safe to put in the oven?😅

  6. You’re a good eater! I’m definitely not a model but my here is my diet!

    Breakfast: A whole cut up apple(put lemon juice on top to prevent browning) Tea or Water

    Lunch: Water, Sweet potato and an apple

    Dinner: water, (whatever your having for dinner but small portions)

    I’m legit 13 and I have no idea if this is even healthy, this is what I’m eating..

  7. Oh my goddddddd I saw no comments saying, “Oh she doesn’t eat enough.” but I scrolled about 100 comments down and like all of them trashed Americans and said, “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT SHE EATS ENOUGH” literally no comments are saying she doesn’t eat enough. There are more comments saying to stop saying that she doesn’t eat enough than comments saying she doesn’t eat enough.

  8. jou Granola is wonderlik, baie dankie!

  9. i like the floss idea smart~~~

  10. When you did the granola with turmeric you gave the proportions; why not in the one with oats you did this time?

  11. I love your video sooo much 💖💖

  12. I am searching for some hate comments while all I could see is why are you all hating OMG lol

  13. i gave a like for dental floss^^
    by the way i think this is really healthy. i remember seeing a tv show about models when i was a kid and one of the model said she only had a coffee for breakfast, then an aspargus salad for lunch and a tomato salad at night, and that was pretty much the amount she ate everyday. And this idea always stuck with me that models only eat salad, water and coffee and in very small quantities, but you have normal sized meals full of a variety of different food in it so i was very surprised, like the only thing different than most people is that most people also have an afternoon snack and a dessert with their meals from time to time.

  14. genuinely confused as to why people think this isn’t enough food

  15. Honey is healthy 😂 it’s a natural occurrence

  16. what is your hemp-protein called, and where can you buy it?

  17. I don't think she looks unhealthy.
    Also, she's probably like 6 ft tall.

  18. The amount of food she's eating is normal for Europe (I'm european so I can't speak for others continents)

  19. Hi. Your vídeos are beautiful. One tío, the honey tourns bad for your health if you put it at hot, so hoy could put the honey at the end, out of the oven

  20. that granola looks so good

  21. What’s her protein powder?

  22. Y’all need to stop goin off shes eating until she’s full as long as ur not hungry all the time and you’re getting proper nutrients it’s Gucci

  23. She literally has no muscles in her arms, this is so sad

  24. First time I've seen a smoothie in a bowl instead of a cup. Lol.

  25. I love your Granola….have done it more often…Thank you 😘

  26. I feel so bad that i am eating pizza right now while watching this

  27. these recipes actually look pretty cool imma try them

  28. People who are hating really need to get over themselves this girl is happy and living her life let her have the food she enjoys don’t judge her and make assumptions so what if she’s doing it all for Victoria secrets good on her she looks great ! And you can really see how happy she is !! Go gurll

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