(WOMEN SERIES) Weight Loss Recipe By Guru Mann

(WOMEN SERIES) Weight Loss Recipe By Guru Mann



  1. Pure vegetarian eske behalf pr kya le skte h

  2. Hi guru mann,aapne egg me kya do chije milai hai one to i can see its basil other one? Pls tel

  3. I am vegetarian so how can I please tell diet for weight loss

  4. Girls hight bdne pr video dalo .plz kya 19 ke bd bhi hight bad skti h .

  5. Sir soup k liye bataye jo ki weight loss ke liye ho plz

  6. Brother weight Gain karne ke liye konsi videos h

  7. Hello ye poure din ki diet ha kya

  8. Sr vegeterian ka bta dete

  9. Jo egg nai khata uske liye kya hai

  10. Bro one video for full diet plan(veg + non veg) for 40+ indian ladies. Bcz of rapidly increasing heart attacks in age between 40-60 .

  11. can I have apple except orange ?

  12. I had observed how carbs were correlated to weight gain and so generally to keep clear of carbs, on the contrary had never considered using them to lose fat. The primary idea behind the four cycle fat loss solution is to train your system to melt fat for fuel as opposed to carbs. It’s founded on scientific research into the higher than average carb diets of the Japanese coupled with their astounding long-life expectancy. The research would suggest that it’s their increased carb-cycling day-to-day diet practice that could help to remain healthy into old age with a lower than average body mass index (decreased incidence of overweight).Read more here https://goo.gl/tLjnbf

  13. Tell me some tips about weight loss for pear shape body

  14. Sir I am veg nd thyroid possitive

  15. plz veg. womens ke liya bhi kush banaiya

  16. Make a video for veggitarian people

  17. Sir kya jeera water and honey water and green tea a sab deit mey sath daily ley saktey hain kya

  18. You are real hero of india
    And for me

  19. Womens weight loss ke liye konsa suppliment use kare…reply me

  20. Y breakfast m leye Sakti h

  21. Guru what if we don't take eggs?

  22. not for vegetarians 😐

  23. It appeared as if the “3 week diet” presented solutions for a good deal of the challenges I have experienced up to now: gaining of weight, metabolic adaptation along with notorious “weight loss plateau”. While push came to shove there was clearly actually just one path to uncover and so that’s when I decided I would put the “3 Week Diet” to the true challenge. Come see the latest about my experience. Click Here https://goo.gl/6sLtsV

  24. Guru mann bro kehte hain imli larkhay nahi khate luli choti reh jati hai lolzzz

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