Yoga Exercises for Menstrual Disorders – Irregular Periods Problems, Diet Tips in English

Yoga Exercises for Menstrual Disorders – Irregular Periods Problems, Diet Tips in English

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Most of the women face menstrual problems at least once in a life time. Yoga is one of the illustrious ways to cure menstrual delays. Read on to know which yoga postures can help to deal with delayed menstruation.Practising yoga is one of the ways of correcting menstrual delays. There are several ways of treating menstrual delays. However, most of the women prefer to correct such menstrual problems through yoga. Yoga is preferred by many as it is regarded as one of the natural ways of treating menstrual problems. Women should practice yoga to keep themselves fit and fine keeping in mind their physique, age and physical activities. Daily practice will help them to improve on their figure, impart energy and prevent various uterine and ovarian disorders during pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga is precious gift which can enrich human life. Yoga helps to get a balanced body and mind. Practicing yoga not only helps you to get rid of health problems but also helps to reduce stress. Thus it is very important to practice yoga regularly to obtain maximum benefit out of it and live a healthy life.

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  1. It worked for me
    With that I just had Ginger water 3 times after my meal
    And I chew cinnamon stick morning and night

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  3. can these yoga exercises in periods

  4. can i do this yoga at the time of period ?

  5. I didn't get my period for 3yrs now. Do you think dis will work?

  6. dose the exercise really work

  7. evening me bhi yoga kr sakte hai…plz guide me.

  8. yes it's work excellent. do once then u get the result

  9. Hello you all.
    I didn't get my periods for over 5 months now and I am a lot worried about it since I'm suffering from pcod. Are there any people who've benefitted from this?
    or may be if you've seen any results? please post it in the comment section.
    Also if there are other tips they'd mean a lot.
    Thank you.

  10. I don't get periods in time. It's delayed always.. Hope this helps

  11. After I did this I felt so much better

  12. guys this is best ever, thank you very much!!

  13. thanks for posting

  14. Great video but is there a reason you guys faking accents? It looks so stupid.

  15. Nice … how many times in a week do we need to practice for better results ? Thanks a lot …

  16. Way too long of an introduction. Would not subscribe or watch another video posted by this member. Took too long to actually start the yoga without providing any real useful information in that time, making it wasted. Vague, obvious facts, doctor suggestions learned in 7th grade health. I came for yoga not a period brochure read aloud. 

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